Writing patchwriting and plagiarism

What can I do? Authors and you, too! Learning academic jargon is just like becoming fluent in a foreign language: All patchwriting is a kind of paraphrase, but successful paraphrase is not patchwritten.

Writing patchwriting and plagiarism

How different must your paraphrase writing patchwriting and plagiarism from the original? The paragraphs below provide an example by showing a passage as it appears in the sourcetwo paraphrases that follow the source too closelyand a legitimate paraphrase.

In this open heart surgery unit, the nurse manager hires and fires the nursing personnel. The nurse manager does not directly care for patients but follows the progress of unusual or long-term patients. On each shift a nurse assumes the role of resource nurse.

This person oversees the hour-by-hour functioning of the unit as a whole, such as considering expected admissions and discharges of patients, ascertaining that beds are available for patients in the operating room, and covering sick calls.

Resource nurses also take a patient assignment. They are the most experienced of all the staff nurses.

writing patchwriting and plagiarism

The nurse clinician has a separate job description and provides for quality of care by orienting new staff, developing unit policies, and providing direct support where needed, such as assisting in emergency situations.

The clinical nurse specialist in this unit is mostly involved with formal teaching in orienting new staff. The nurse manager, nurse clinician, and clinical nurse specialist are the designated experts. They do not take patient assignments.

The resource nurse is seen as both a caregiver and a resource to other caregivers. Staff nurses have a hierarchy of seniority. Staff nurses are assigned to patients to provide all their nursing care. The nurse manager hires and fires nurses.

On each shift a resource nurse attends to the functioning of the unit as a whole, such as making sure beds are available in the operating room, and also has a patient assignment. The nurse clinician orients new staff, develops policies, and provides support where needed.

The clinical nurse specialist also orients new staff, mostly by formal teaching. The nurse manager, nurse clinician, and clinical nurse specialist, as the designated experts, do not take patient assignments.

The resource nurse is not only a caregiver but a resource to the other caregivers. Within the staff nurses there is also a hierarchy of seniority.

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Their job is to give assigned patients all their nursing care. The phrases in red are directly copied from the source or changed only slightly in form. Even if the student-writer had acknowledged Chase as the source of the content, the language of the passage would be considered plagiarized because no quotation marks indicate the phrases that come directly from Chase.

And if quotation marks did appear around all these phrases, this paragraph would be so cluttered that it would be unreadable.

The staff nurses, in contrast, are assigned to patients and provide all their nursing care. Within the staff nurses is a hierarchy of seniority in which the most senior can become resource nurses: The experts have administrative and teaching tasks such as selecting and orienting new staff, developing unit policies, and giving hands-on support where needed.

writing patchwriting and plagiarism

Just as the educational experts described above do not directly teach students, the experts in this unit do not directly attend to patients. The roles of the experts include employing unit nurses and overseeing the care of special patients nurse managerteaching and otherwise integrating new personnel into the unit clinical nurse specialist and nurse clinicianand policy-making nurse clinician.

In an intermediate position in the hierarchy is the resource nurse, a staff nurse with more experience than the others, who assumes direct care of patients as the other staff nurses do, but also takes on tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the entire facility. The social context of critical care clinical judgment.

Heart and Lung, 24, Student Guide to Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism in the Classroom and Online. “In academic writing, it is considered plagiarism to draw any idea or any language from someone else without adequately crediting that source in your paper.” Patchwork Writing or Patchwriting.

Plagiarism is regarded as a heinous crime within the academic community, but anecdotal evidence suggests that some writers plagiarize without intending to transgress academic conventions. This article reports a study of the writing of 17 postgraduate students. Patchwriting Writers often refer to other texts through paraphrasing; when a text is paraphrased, it is re-written in the writer's own words and proper references are given. If the paraphrasing is not done in a proper fashion, but resembles the source text (that is, the text on which it is based) too much, the risk of patchwriting occurs. Oct 09,  · They further argue that deeming text as patchwriting does not attract the same negative connotations of plagiarism nor would it attract the same penalties. In our examples the patterns of text, language and phrasing can identify a student requiring learning support.

Patchwork writing, or patchwriting, is a new name for an. Patchwriting happens when you rephrase a portion of source material, but your language remains too close to the vocabulary and/or sentence structure of the original text. All patchwriting is a kind of paraphrase, but successful paraphrase is not patchwritten.

This website has been developed by Kelly McClanahan and Kenton Harsch to promote greater awareness of the complexities underlying plagiarism and patchwriting, and to provide a variety of resources for teachers or others who are interested in or dealing with .

'Patchwriting' is more common than plagiarism, just as dishonest And it’s not quite plagiarism, but it’s not original writing either. but not plagiarism. Patchwriting case study.

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These materials will help you avoid plagiarism by teaching you how to properly integrate information from published sources into your own writing. Handbook Index Academic and Professional Writing. But in serious academic writing, it’s clear that patchwriting is more problematic: In academia, patchwriting is considered an offense equal to that of plagiarism.

If [Jonathan] Lethem had submitted this as a senior thesis or dissertation chapter, he'd be shown the door.

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