Writing a great self assessment

What does one say and why do we always seem so flustered by the question? Because we have always been taught by our parents and respected elders not to boast or talk about ourselves. With a childhood full of such repressive advice, its not surprising that the majority of us begin the answer with a stammer and a blush, almost instantly changing from flash to foolish and ruining our chances of employment.

Writing a great self assessment

I thought I would use the same documents here as a summative report of my year. Reflecting is always a good thing and I encourage you to take these same questions and do a summative self assessment as well.

Can I suggest that we all use the tag: What has been your greatest success this year? Have you been successful in meeting your professional goals? What specific examples can you provide?

My greatest successes this year include: Setting up and creating 30 middle school podcasts out of a total 34 school weeks.

Assessment methods

Helping numerous teachers with different projects including, blogging, podcasts, wikis, moodle sites, etc My professional goal this year was to help SAS establish an educational web presence and to educate, train, and support teachers in the use of Web 2.

I believe I did meet my goal, could I have done more? The 8th grade China alive trip that saw the use of daily blogging, pictures and podcasts as the students were away from school for the week.

Then there is the 5th grade team who I worked closely with as we made digital writing and reading part of everyday class through the use of blogs.

Finally there is teentek. What has been you biggest challenge this year? How have you adapted your professional or personal practice to meet and overcome this challenge? Do you feel you were successful? The migration of the moodle site twice and the migrating to our new dedicated server was my biggest challenge this year.

It was stressful and pushed me beyond my knowledge and know how. I adapted by relying on my research skills and personal learning network of like minded people to help me overcome and deal with these challenges. I feel I was some what successful. What has provided you with the greatest joy in your work this year?

How have you found your work enjoyable? My greatest joy came at watching teachers trying to understand these new tools and supporting them as they begin to make that shift to 21st Century learning.

writing a great self assessment

Some of the greatest joy has come in the last week as I have sat with a couple different teachers and talked about what they should be reading, thinking about, and playing with over the summer.Finally!

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How to Write a Performance Evaluation Self-Assessment

read more. Exemplification material for English writing to support teacher assessment at the end of key stage 1 in and Self Assessment - 35 Self Assessment interview questions and answers by expert members with experience in Self Assessment subject.

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How do you begin to sort through all the material? The information can provide vital clues to your ideal career, as long as you take the time to evaluate and interpret the data. Personality assessment: Personality assessment, the measurement of personal characteristics.

Assessment is an end result of gathering information intended to advance psychological theory and research and to increase the probability that wise decisions will be made in applied settings (e.g., in selecting the most promising.

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