Tips on writing a book fiction recommendations

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Tips on writing a book fiction recommendations

Subjects can be highly arcane to mundane; but, the one thing that is critical is research. It is essential that an author be able to convey his or her material in a coherent fashion. Anyone can write a book on just about any topic but, in order to be successful and not fall to ridicule, an extensive knowledge of that subject is required.

Even books that are pure chicanery — and I include a goodly number of the so-called self-help variety in this category — need a sufficiently detailed knowledge of the subject, or at least what the purchasing public is likely to believe, to present a coherent presentation of the topic at hand.

Accuracy is nice and always welcome; nevertheless, if knowledge of the subject is sketchy, knowledge of the intended audience is vital.

However this post is not for authors who believe that books are nothing more than transcripts of expanded Ted Talks.

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The subject today is organizing and presenting factual information in such a manner that it might someday be useful to someone who has a need or desire to master the subject.

For me, the methodology that works best is to start with the general topic and then break it down into its component parts. The name has been changed to Maple Leaf Foods. In both organizations I held a senior technical position and my area of specialization was Performance Analysis and Capacity Planning.

Therefore, I would recommend any author of non-fiction try to find the largest subdivisions within the main topic and then continue refining until elemental components are identified.

After all, this is a writing exercise, not a study in pure math. A spreadsheet is a useful tool. I recommend one sheet for each chapter with the various elements being discussed cross referenced with one another so that you can more easily tease out the relationships.

Of course that applies to both fiction and non-fiction and not all these questions will be appropriate for your work. Just remember that they exist because you might need one unexpectedly. Including images and graphs is almost certainly necessary but may limit your choices for publishing.

E-books for example are not always friendly towards these items. In addition, non-standard fonts need to be considered.

tips on writing a book fiction recommendations

When dealing with the mathematics behind certain ideas you will require a symbol set that can cause some e-publishers in particular self-publishing platforms to reduce your work to gibberish.

If you spend copious amounts of time and energy on writing a book the last thing you need is to discover its online component has become meaningless.

Most online publishers do make provision for images so one possibility is to take the mathematical parts, save them as an image and then include that.

The downside is that this will increase the size of your book and may create problems that way. Guest post contributed by Doug Lewars.

He enjoys writing, reading, fishing and sweets of all sorts. He has published ten books on Smashwords.Jan 02,  · So, you’ve decided to write a book, more precisely a novel, a work of fiction. I, for one, am thrilled because I love well-written fiction.

>> Sensual Fiction Book Recommendations In this list, the books come romances that are full of steam and passion.

Whether friends or strangers, each of these couples finds each other pulled together by .

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The Fire in Fiction, shows how to compose 52 thoughts on “ How to Write a Novel: 7 Tips Everyone Can Use ” wanda48 January 17, at pm.

Thank you for this column. I just published my first novel (at the age of 69!), and can say these tips are excellent. I have been toying with the idea of writing a book for many years now. Try to use all five senses when writing each scene of your book.

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