Theme in a pair of tickets

Jing-Mei Woo imagines her older "identical sisters transforming from little babies into six-year-old girls"half expecting them to arrive in rickshaw wearing peasant pineapple hats. When her aunt says, "Once you are born Chinese, you cannot help but feel and think Chinese," Jing-Mei responds with, "I saw myself transforming like a werewolf, a mutant tag of DNA suddenly triggered" After having depicted the first-generation cousins as spoiled, Tan uses positive imagery of consumerism to drive home her themes of cultural and female identity, giving as much homage to the Garden Hotel and Number One Department Store as Buddha and the Great Wall. It would be understandable if she used images of materialism to juxtapose the old world Chinese values with the new world "American Dream," but with statements like "I feel as if I were getting on a number 30 Stockton bus in San Francisco" but "I am in China"Tan or Jing-Mei is not so much discovering her ancestral roots, but realizing that her Communist homeland is not so communal--it is as modern and capitalistic as California.

Theme in a pair of tickets

As the train enters Shenzhen, China, Jing-mei begins to "feel Chinese. Like her father, Jing-mei is weeping for joy. After her mother's death, a letter arrived from China from her mother's twin daughters from her first marriage. These were the two children whom she was forced to abandon on the side of the road in Jing-mei's father asked Auntie Lindo to write back to the girls and tell them that their mother was dead.

Together, the women answered the letter, signing Suyuan Woo's name to it. Jing-mei agrees that she should be the one to tell her half-sisters about their mother's death.

But after dreaming about the scene many times, she begs Auntie Lindo to write a letter to the sisters explaining that their mother is dead.

Theme in a pair of tickets

Auntie Lindo does so. The train pulls into the station, and the visitors are met by Canning's great-aunt. The reunion is emotional.

Other relatives join them. Jing-mei wins her young cousin Lili over with instant photographs from her Polaroid camera.


They soon arrive at a magnificent hotel, much grander than Jing-mei had expected. Late that night, Canning explains that his wife's name, "Suyuan," has two different meanings, depending on how it is written. Her name makes her the essence of her two sisters.

He then tells her the story of how her mother, Suyuan, abandoned Jing-mei's half-sisters. Suyuan walked for three days, hoping to escape the Japanese invasion. Her hands began to bleed from the weight of her heavy possessions and that of her daughters.

She dropped her possessions one by one, continuing to trudge on until she was delirious with pain and fever.

She finally fell by the side of the road. Despite her entreaties, no one would take the babies. Having no other choice, she stuffed jewelry under the shirt of one baby, money under the shirt of the other. Then she put in family pictures and a note and left her daughters to see if she could find food.

Soon she fainted and awoke in the back of a truck filled with sick people who were being tended by American missionaries.Amy Tan's story, "A Pair of Tickets" describes both a physical and emotional journey experienced by Jing Mei Woo and Canning Woo, her father.

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Theme in a pair of tickets

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