The spirit catches you essay

In California they barely understood the language, much less Western culture or medicinal practices. There are about five main important events in the story of Lia Lee.

The spirit catches you essay

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall down Buy custom The Spirit Catches You and You Fall down essay Cultural beliefs and religion are a common factor in several tribes and communities across the world, from the ancient times to the present modern day times.

These cultural beliefs have affected several fields like medicine and very often complicated the way medical procedures are usually outlined and followed.

The spirit catches you essay

It is quite a monumental challenge for doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel all over the world to deal with patients who put their cultural beliefs ahead of their lives. Lia Lee is the common figure in the story, she is more or less the main subject, the subject used to symbolize how the cultural beliefs affect the efficiency of medical delivery; she is epileptic.

The writer of the play says that Lia could have been born in Laos, with her mother squatting on the floor and pulling the child from her own womb with her own hands. A shaman is a local traditional doctor who the Hmong believed had the ability to enter a trance, ride a winged horse and even cross an ocean infested by dragons among other superstitious activities.

These events disclose and explain the attitude of the Hmong people towards modern day medicine. In their view, modern day medicine is a complete waste of efforts. The cultural beliefs and practices rule over modern medicine. The Hmong believed that soul loss was the common cause of sickness among its people, that life souls were highly necessary for excellent health and the happiness of babies.

It is ingenious how the Hmong people described the causes of diseases within their community. Back to the Hmong, because of this ceremony, they were fully satisfied that Lia was now protected from all kinds of illnesses. A pig and two chickens were sacrificed to show how serious this ceremony was to the Hmong.

The ceremony would then end with the elders blessing Lia. Her parents, Foua and Nao Kao, would promise to love the baby for the remainder of their eternal lives and the ceremony would settle. By this time, the Hmong people had migrated from different regions, from central China to France.

The narrators tell a lot of character traits of the Hmong people. They do not like losing, they would stage fights, they do not surrender, and they would flee rather than give up to their enemies. This sudden disease amazes the Lees despite the careful installation of her soul that she had undergone when she was three days old.

The Hmong people thought the Spirit that catches you and you fall had entered Lia.

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To them, this was a blessing in disguise. In their culture, this spirit also affected the shamans as it only chose upstanding people. Therefore, they developed mixed feelings of pride, fear, and concern.

Lia was the favorite of the Lees; they loved and dressed her in the best clothes. Lia had over twenty seizures in the first twenty months of her life prompting her parents to rush her to the emergency room of MCMC more than two times.

In the hospital, the Lees encountered several problems ranging from incorrect diagnosis to translation problems as there were no Hmong doctors working in the hospital.

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Dan, having learned much about epilepsy in his days at the medical school, despite being a rationalist in medicine, admitted Lia to hospital, ran various tests about what could be causing the epilepsy even though it was unsuccessful.

No cause was ever found, and Lia was subsequently discharged Fadiman The Lees did not believe so much in the western medicine even after their daughter had numerous almost fatal seizures. Their view was that a person could not be on drugs forever.

According to the Lees, their conclusion was that western medicine was causing their daughter even more seizures and fever.

The spirit catches you essay

In most occasions, the Lees were non-compliant with the western doctors who were prescribing the best medicine for their daughter. They had a poor attitude towards the western medicine.

This attitude symbolizes the conflict that the American and the Hmong people shared Fadiman There was quite a number of various differences that the narrator of the play brings on. The narrator says that the American doctors were a little rude or asked their patients rude questions. They believed a patient deserved polite treatment and never spoke or asked rude question to their patients.

The nurses at the ER at time wished and prayed that Lia could not be admitted just because she was troublesome. This is a sign of impoliteness to the sick.The Spirit Catches You and You Fall down Buy custom The Spirit Catches You and You Fall down essay Cultural beliefs and religion are a common factor in several tribes and communities across the world, from the ancient times to the present modern day times.

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman - Communication is cited as a contributing factor in 70% of healthcare mistakes, leading to many initiatives across the healthcare settings to improve the way healthcare professionals communicate.

The first chapter of Anne Fadiman's The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down sets the stage for the frustrating cross-cultural conflicts that took place in Merced, in Central California.

Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down Journal #2 In The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, by Anne Fadiman, Lia Lee is a very sickly child, and is now unfortunately a ā€œvegetable.ā€ Much to the hospitals chagrin, they in fact are the reason why Lia is in a comatose state.

Essay The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. and physical ailment. According to Fadiman (), ā€œ the noise of the door had been so profoundly frightening that her .

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, I believe has two main topics addressed: the traditions of the Hmong people, and the dangers of being unable to communicate.

The misunderstanding of these two consequential points, I believe caused the majority of conflict that arose.

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