The process of transformation through education essay

There has been generally a growing awareness of the necessity to change and improve the preparation of students for productive functioning in the continually changing and highly demanding environment. In confronting this challenge it is necessary to consider the complexity of the education system itself and the multitude of problems that must be addressed. Clearly, no simple, single uniform approach can be applied with the expectation that significant improvements of the system will occur.

The process of transformation through education essay

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Explore the six-steps through your required reading. Taylor divides the process into three distinct phases: 1.

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generation of consciousness 2. transformation of consciousness 3. integration of consciousness Describe your own—or a friend’s—navigation through Taylor’s stages of transformation.

It is a process in which man is the objective as well as the tool of development. All objectives of transformation are to make man live as a human being, with better clothing, food, shelter, health and education.

The process of transformation through education essay

Mezirow’s process of perspective transformation is often illustrated as linear, additionally; Mezirow characterized ten phases starting with disorienting dilemma and ending with perspective transformation (Mezirow, ).

Understanding the transformative learning and the disorientating dilemma helps adults appreciate and understand Mezirow’s theory of perspective transformation. Transformational Learning Theory of Adult Education Introduction Transformational learning is a relatively new and thoroughly modern yet evolving learning theory, with timeless implications for the educator.

Changes in the Teaching and Learning Process in a Complex Education System by developing inter-disciplinary curriculum units that enable students to acquire knowledge from different disciplines through a unifying theme while having the opportunity to contribute in different and special ways to the objectives of the integrated units.

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