The power of solar energy essay

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The power of solar energy essay

Many governments are therefore promoting the construction of vast wind "farms," encouraging private companies with generous subsidies and regulatory support, requiring utilities to buy from them, and setting up markets for the trade of "green credits" in addition to actual energy.

Energy companies are eagerly investing in wind power, finding the arrangement quite profitable. Click here for an abbreviated version of this paper.

Click here for an even briefer version a handy model for letters. Yet no conventional power plant has been shut down. Because of the intermittency and variability of the wind, conventional power plants must be kept running at full capacity to meet the actual demand for electricity.

Most cannot simply be turned on and off as the wind dies and rises, and the quick ramping up and down of those that can be would actually increase their output of pollution and carbon dioxide the primary "greenhouse" gas.

So when the wind is blowing just right for the turbines, the power they generate is usually a surplus and sold to other countries at an extremely discounted price, or the turbines are simply shut off. Too Good To Be True? Besides the amount exported, this low figure may also reflect the actual net contribution.

The large amount of electricity used by the turbines themselves is typically not accounted for in the usually cited output figures. Click here for information about electricity use in wind turbines. Denmark is just dependent enough on wind power that when the wind is not blowing right they must import electricity.

In they imported more electricity than they exported.

A Problem With Wind Power []

And added to the Danish electric bill are the subsidies that support the private companies building the wind towers. Danish electricity costs for the consumer are the highest in Europe.

The figure in Denmark was On-shore turbines in the U.

The average in Germany for was This percentage is called the load factor or capacity factor. As the wind slows, electricity output falls off exponentially. Click here for conversions between and explanations of energy units.

Eon Netz, the grid manager for about a third of Germany, discusses the technical problems of connecting large numbers of wind turbines [ click here ]: Electricity generation from wind fluctuates greatly, requiring additional reserves of "conventional" capacity to compensate; high-demand periods of cold and heat correspond to periods of low wind; only limited forecasting is possible for wind power; wind power needs a corresponding expansion of the high-voltage and extra-high-voltage grid infrastructure; and expansion of wind power makes the grid more unstable.

Development of onshore wind plants in Denmark has effectively stopped.

Competition Details

Because Danish companies dominate the wind industry, however, the government is under pressure to continue their support. Spain began withdrawing subsidies in Germany reduced the tax breaks to wind power, and domestic construction drastically slowed in Switzerland also is cutting subsidies as too expensive for the lack of significant benefit.

The Netherlands decommissioned 90 turbines in Many Japanese utilities severely limit the amount of wind-generated power they buy, because of the instability they cause. For the same reason, Ireland in December halted all new wind-power connections to the national grid.

Ouachita Electric Cooperative - Cooperative News

In earlythey were considering ending state support. InSpanish utilities began refusing new wind power connections. Inthe Spanish government ended -- by emergency decree -- its subsidies and price supports for big wind. InAustralia reduced the level of renewable energy that utilities are required to buy, dramatically slowing wind-project applications.

On August 31,Bloomberg News reported that "the unstable flow of wind power in their networks" has forced German utilities to buy more expensive energy, requiring them to raise prices for the consumer.

State support for industrial wind fluctuates, but the trend noted here has continued. The wind industry is worried that the U. The BWEA has even resorted to threatening prominent opponents as more projects are successfully blocked.

Interestingly, long-term plans for energy use and emissions reduction by both the U. Flemming Nissen, head of development at the Danish utility Elsam, told a meeting in Copenhagen, May 27,"Increased development of wind turbines does not reduce Danish CO2 emissions.

The government hopes to increase the use of renewables to As demand will have grown, however, even more turbines will be required.Augustin Mouchot’s Solar Concentrator, (The history of renewable energy is fascinating.

We posted a while back about early efforts to harness the power of waves. You may also be interested to learn more about the 19th century work of Mouchot and Ericsson, early pioneers of solar thermal concentrators (CSP solar thermal power)..

Early schematics of Augustin Mouchot’s Solar . solar energy Essay; solar energy Essay. Words 3 Pages. Solar Energy All life on Earth depends on energy from the sun.

Solar energy is the source of energy for photosynthesis. It provides the warmth necessary for plants and animals to provide a clean and abundant source of power.

Solar energy is a very useful resource. Ouachita Electric Cooperative of Camden, Arkansas broke ground on a new kilowatt AC solar array to be installed from Today’s Power Inc.

(TPI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc. (AECI). Solar energy is the energy received by the earth from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy.

Solar energy influences Earth’s climate and weather and sustains life. Although solar energy only provides % of the world’s power, experts believe that sunlight has the.

Solar energy is the most ancient kind of energy found on earth, for it is as old as the sun.

The power of solar energy essay

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