Polygamy should be allowed completely in

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Polygamy should be allowed completely in

Is it safe to assume that most polygamous heterosexual marriage would indeed involve one husband with multiple wives? Probably, as this chimes with the evidence about how people tend to mate cross-culturally.

Polygamy is "the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time." Polygamy has been practiced by many cultures throughout history.: 3 There are numerous examples of polygamy among close followers, devotees, and the faithful to God in the Old Testament, but it is generally not accepted by contemporary . Given the coercive nature of male/female relationships in fundamentalist Muslim (and Mormon) culture, polygamy actually shouldn't be allowed. To me it's completely insane that this is going on in in supposedly liberal democracies. A top UFC fighter questioned on Facebook this week whether gay marriage could possibly lead to polygamy, incest or pedophilia and now he’s (sort of) apologizing.

Historically, polygamy was permitted in the vast majority of cultures; in these cultures, polygyny was far more common than polyandry. Why is polygyny more common than other forms of plural marriage?

Because of how humans are psychologically adapted for mating. In [1], biologist Robert Trivers outlined the foundational reason for this: For men more than women, reproductive success is limited by number of mates. A man with many wives can produce many children per nine months, whereas a woman can usually produce only one, whether she has one husband or Females certainly may obtain other kinds of reproductive benefits like resources for their own children from mating with multiple males, but these benefits are less straightforward than actual additional offspring.

Relatedly, the reproductive costs of having more than one spouse are lower for women than for men. She may suffer other reproductive costs from having to share a husband like receiving a smaller proportion of his resources for her own childrenbut these costs are less severe than not being able to reproduce at all for four years.

Because our minds were designed by these evolutionary environments, men—cross-culturally and on average—are more motivated to acquire multiple mates [3], and seem more averse to sharing a spouse, compared to women.

That said, forms of polyandry are certainly observed anthropologically, and are quite common in some societies, so it would be misguided to suggest that it is "contrary to human nature. So it seems reasonable to assume that if polygamy were legal, most polygamous marriage would indeed take the form of polygyny.

We can also assume that given roughly equal sex ratios, polygyny could lead to the kinds of gender imbalances described above, with some men who were more attractive in terms of overall mate value having multiple wives, and some less-attractive males going wife-less or having to share a mate with other men.

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Would such outcomes be a problem? Many people would regard them as being unfair or exploitive of women in polygynous marriages, or to men unable to attract a wife of their own. Given these potential problems, why would it be a good idea to legalize polygamy?

If the government prohibits people from choosing to marry polygamously, this is the equivalent of telling them that instead of marrying their preferred partner, they must instead marry someone they would otherwise not choose, or else not marry at all.

Personal freedom is not the only value we should strive to maximize, of course, and there may be a greater social good served by keeping polygamy illegal.

Polygamy should be allowed completely in

Would the potential costs of legalizing polygamy—such as reduced gender equality, increased numbers of low-status unmarried men, decreased social stability, or some other unmentioned problem—exceed the potential benefits?

Parental investment and sexual selection.

Polygamy yes Polyandry no

The human operational sex ratio: Sociosexuality from Argentina to Zimbabwe: A nation study of sex, culture, and strategies of human mating. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 28, Jul 25,  · If it is ever allowed, I will predict that tradition will reinstitute the 1-man, 2+women as the predominant kind of polygamous family, but also there might occasionally be a 1-woman, 2+-man relationship, although much rarer and more likely to break up.

Polygamy is the practice in which a man takes multiple wives. While it is no longer legal in certain countries, it is still allowed both legally and religiously in Senegal, and is still practiced.

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Given the coercive nature of male/female relationships in fundamentalist Muslim (and Mormon) culture, polygamy actually shouldn't be allowed. To me it's completely insane that this is going on in in supposedly liberal democracies.

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D. Michael Quinn and Mormon excommunication: The complicated life of a Mormon intellectual.

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by Graffiti canvas, Feb 11, Polygamy is a test but I am not afraid to admit my weaknesses and strive to learn from them.

Polygamy to me is like walking down a straight path and suddenly encountering a fork in the road. I need to reflect and pray when the forks appear rather than choose a path based upon emotions.

Polygamy should be allowed completely in
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