Joan holtz case study 7 2

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Joan holtz case study 7 2

She was of mostly British descent, [n 1] daughter of a respected Cirencester solicitor; [2] the Holst side of the family was of mixed Swedish, Latvian and German ancestry, with at least one professional musician in each of the previous three generations.

He appropriated the aristocratic prefix "von" and added it to the family name in the hope of gaining enhanced prestige and attracting pupils.

Gustav recognised her devotion to the family and dedicated several of his early compositions to her. They had two sons, Matthias known as "Max" and Evelyn "Thorley". All four of Adolph's sons were subject to what one biographer calls "benign neglect", [11] and Gustav in particular was "not overburdened with attention or understanding, with a weak sight and a weak chest, both neglected—he was 'miserable and scared'.

His main influences at this stage were MendelssohnChopinGrieg and above all Sullivan. Holst was oversensitive and miserable.

His eyes were weak, but no one realized that he needed to wear spectacles.

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Holst's health played a decisive part in his musical future; he had never been strong, and in addition to his asthma and poor eyesight he suffered from neuritiswhich made playing the piano difficult.

The post brought with it the conductorship of the Bourton-on-the-Water Choral Society, which offered no extra remuneration but provided valuable experience that enabled him to hone his conducting skills. Money was tight, and partly from frugality and partly from his own inclination he became a vegetarian and a teetotaller.

After preliminary lessons with W.

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Vaughan Williams later observed, "What one really learns from an Academy or College is not so much from one's official teachers as from one's fellow-students A sense of comradeship rather than political conviction led him, while still a student, to join the Kelmscott House Socialist Club in Hammersmith.

His own socialism was moderate in character, but he enjoyed the club for its good company and his admiration of Morris as a man. Morris had written, "I do not want art for a few any more than education for a few, or freedom for a few. I want all persons to be educated according to their capacity, not according to the amount of money which their parents happen to have".

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He fell in love with her; she was at first unimpressed by him, but she came round and they were engaged, though with no immediate prospect of marriage given Holst's tiny income. He is shown with the baton in his left hand, his frequent practice because of the neuritis in his right arm.

Though a capable rather than a virtuoso player he won the praise of the leading conductor Hans Richterfor whom he played at Covent Garden. Their marriage lasted until his death; there was one child, Imogenborn in Holst and his wife decided, as Imogen later put it, that "as they were always hard up the only thing to do was to spend it all at once on a holiday in Germany".

He also taught at the Passmore Edwards Settlementwhere among other innovations he gave the British premieres of two Bach cantatas. The results were at first discouraging, but soon a new spirit appeared and the music of Morley College, together with its offshoot the 'Whitsuntide festival' He persevered, and gradually built up a class of dedicated music-lovers.

Rubbra recalled that he would divine a student's difficulties and gently guide him to finding the solution for himself. He frequently took away [because of] his abhorrence of unessentials.

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He wrote an orchestral Walt Whitman Overture in He enrolled in at University College, Londonto study the language. But they never sound vague or slovenly, for he had set himself the task of finding words that would be 'clear and dignified' and that would 'lead the listener into another world'".

These had an influence on Holst. Though not as passionate on the subject as his friend, he incorporated a number of folk melodies in his own compositions and made several arrangements of folk songs collected by others.

Holst described its performance at the Queen's Hall in as "my first real success". Weelkes was his favourite of all the Tudor composers, but Byrd also meant much to him. A commemorative blue plaque is fixed to the front Holst was a keen rambler.

He walked extensively in England, Italy, France and Algeria.You can order on-line. Just click in the box for the book that you want and then complete the form at the bottom of the page and hit the send button.

Chronicles and Travels In The Old South, Clark. Thomas Lorraine McKenney , published his memoirs, official and personal with sketches of travels among the Northern and Southern Indians, embracing a war excursion, printed in (copy located at Duke University Library).

Joan holtz case study 7 2

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Joan holtz case study 7 2

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