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Archived honors theses Finding a Thesis Adviser The first task for an honors student beginning research is to find an appropriate thesis adviser.

English honors thesis penn

Chinese Honors Thesis Guidelines: It should confront a question that is unresolved and push towards a resolution. It is an opportunity to actually engage in scholarly analysis at an advanced level.

In the process of pursuing a topic, conducting independent research, and formulating, articulating and crafting a sustained argument, you will build on what you have learned in coursework, gain insights into disciplinary scholarship and methodology, and develop your talents as a writer and thinker.

The Asian Studies Department expects honors theses to be based on thorough research and to offer an original interpretation. You are required to undertake a meaningful degree of primary source research in crafting the thesis.

The nature and extent of the primary research may vary according to the question pursued and the field of study. You are also expected to situate your research and analysis within the scholarship of the field and to clearly articulate and support the significance of your project and its contribution.

Be careful not simply to present a narrative or an inventory of your sources, but rather center the thesis on the analysis and interpretation of your research in such a way that you make an argument. Thesis directors should help determine the appropriate balance between primary research and scholarly contextualization, between presentation of the evidence and interpretation.

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WHO may write an honors thesis in Chinese? You should be a Chinese major or minor. If not a major or minor, you must have completed several non-language China-related courses. WHAT is the process for arranging an honors thesis in Chinese?

First, you should think about a topic that interests you. For example, you may have written a paper for a class that could become the basis for an honors thesis. Next, you will need to identify a faculty member in Asian Studies to direct your thesis. It is best if you choose someone who works in the area you have identified as your topic.

You may want to keep in mind some of the faculty members you have worked with in classes. Ask the individual faculty member if he or she is willing to serve as your thesis director.

If you are unsure whom to ask, you may want to discuss this with the Chinese honors adviser. You will also need the approval of the Chinese honors adviser, who will be a second reader for your thesis. Be sure to read over the section on thesis writing on the Schreyer Honors College website: The Honors College will ask you complete a thesis proposal to identify your thesis director and give a basic outline of the topic you intend to address in your thesis.

Honors College deadlines apply for the submission of the thesis proposal, which is typically one year before you intend to graduate.

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If you are writing an interdisciplinary thesis in two departmentsyou will need a thesis director, an honors adviser reader, and a second reader from the second major to approve your thesis. To register, pick up a registration form from the Chinese honors adviser.

The form requires the signature of your thesis director.

English honors thesis penn

Return the signed form to the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Asian Studies Department,who will facilitate your registration.WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE (WBS) A PROJECT MANAGEMENT APPROACH FINAL DELIVERABLE Written thesis that meets Honors Advisor, Reader, and Schreyer (i.e.

The English Honors program offers you the chance to fulfill the requirement for a Capstone experience by crafting a scholarly, creative, or professional writing project over the course of your senior year. Writing the honors thesis was one of the best decisions I made as an English student at Wheaton.

The honors program gave me the chance to begin a research project that I have continued to work on as a graduate student in English literature. On April 20 and 21, twelve Penn seniors presented their Communication theses to a panel of professors and guests, a culmination of their year-long work.

The students wrote an honors thesis and/or a Communication and Public Service Capstone Thesis as a required part of their ComPS concentration. By being an honors student, I had the option of submitting a portfolio of my own work, as well as the obligation of writing an acceptable undergraduate thesis, the bulk of which I hope to expand into a Master's thesis when I attend graduate school Fall of Guidelines for the Honors Program and Theses in The Department of Sociology and CriminologyOne of the goals of the Schreyer Honors College is to improve the thesis process for students and faculty.

Toward that end, each department is asked to provide a guideline document to clarify key aspects of the thesis process and requirements for students and faculty in that department.

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