A case study of the lutheran church

But the building committee heard about another option, and now the congregation is a convert to the benefits of LED lighting from Cree. Opportunity Solution Benefit Opportunity Grace Lutheran Church in La Grange, Illinois, can trace its roots back towhen a group of dedicated people met at a private home to start what would become their large, thriving faith community. A primary focus of the renovation was the lighting for the public gathering areas. The building committee had originally opted for a fluorescent lighting solution, but mid-way through construction, Polich became interested in Cree, an industry leader in LED lighting technology.

A case study of the lutheran church

Login The church official document, economic life entitles the work an individual does, their income, and the amount of consumption relative to the savings. It also shows the dimension of economic life that describes the way people view each other in the community. Diverse inequalities are today evident with many living comfortably while others continue to lack even in the basic human requirements.

The main concern of the American Lutheran church is on these inequalities. Globalization of the economy has brought with it intensive interactions between economies. For example, the United States generates a lot of money within and this money can be spent within the country or outside.

This globalization has created opportunities for some people in terms of business opportunities and better quality of life.

On the other hand, globalization has increased misery to many people. For example, many companies due to increased global competition, relocate for survival benefits, this leaves many people jobless.

According to the American Lutheran Church, human beings are supposed to control the economic; life in a responsible and accountable way. Today the practices and market based human thoughts eclipse other pertinent issues like religious, social, politics and economic well-being. Mandates in terms of the economy call for sacrifice especially to the less fortunate in the community.

The church believes that when the economy rules over the society, this is the beginning of sin and un- Godliness. According to the church and the biblical scriptures, putting trust in something other than God amounts to sin.

It also disrupts the relationship between human beings and God, between human beings themselves and the relationship between human beings and the other creatures.

This is the cause of exploitation and socioeconomic injustices.


On this issue, the church admits that it has fallen short of strong grounds in terms of submission to slavery of sin. The church has become materialistic, and all the focus is on wealth and how to generate the same.

God is not given enough of the church time, and the churc today is blind on the needs of other people. Therefore, this issue recounts that the church takes assumptions, policies and earthly practices that do not accommodate the good of all human beings.

The church should move out of the economic bondage and primarily base their trust in the principles of the Lord Jesus Christ. With the believe in his persecution, death and resurrection the church receive a new identity and cannot be defined by captivity in economics.

This issue reveals the humility and justice associated with the Kingdom of God. The church believes that Jesus came for the poor and those under bondage. This should be replicated in the Christian lives through feeding the hungry, preaching massage of freedom from, for example, economic bondage and consoling those neglected by the current systems.

With faith, the church has the power to criticize any earthly system that does not meet the required Godly standards. Some earthly systems that do not meet the intentions of God are; economic disparities among people, poverty, greed driven consumerism and excessive accumulation resulting from evil acts like corruption.

The church believes that it cannot keep silent while these injustices are continually perpetrated. Human decisions and eventual actions impact on the economic life of the day.

A case study of the lutheran church

Economic life should be handled in a way to glorify the reign of God. There are several ethical issues that arise from this document. Human dignity is one aspect to which this document pays significant attention.

The church through the scriptures believes that God deliberately created humankind in his own image. Therefore, human beings are social animals who have dignity and worth conferred by God.

Work should not be used as criteria to grade people.The church official document, economic life entitles the work an individual does, their income, and the amount of consumption relative to the savings. The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) is the second largest Lutheran church body in North America and is a multi-faceted national faith-based organization with corporate entities, ministries, auxiliaries, and local churches that are all focused on communicating the love of Christ by word and deed within its churches, communities, .

Second United Methodist Church had stood on a prominent downtown corner of a small Midwestern city for nearly years. The aging congregation was losing members to death and retirement and was not attracting younger people to replace them.

We are LUTHERAN tech. We leverage technologies so you can minister without limits. The Holy Spirit is the one who creates faith and grows the Church. Our goal is to use every modern method available to help you Case Study #2 April 28, Case Study #1 April 13, 0.


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Trinity Lutheran Church Case Study. Why did Excel AV choose the SI screen? I was introduced to the Screen Innovations line by one of our rep firms BP Marketing. Having been in the AV business 25 years every once in a while a technology will come out that is a complete “game changer.” I knew when it.

Peace and Lutheran Church, located in Cold Spring, Minnesota, was looking for a church acoustic treatment solution for their noisy fellowship hall. Cal Schmidt, Peace and Lutheran’s Pastor, commented on their pre-treatment situation, “We built a fellowship hall as an addition to our church.

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